Friday, July 24, 2015

NERF guns: Are they safe and harmless?

Good news for parents that were so concerned about their children having toy guns --need not to worry because Nerf guns are safe and harmless. Nerf toy guns are great for younger children.

They come in every shape and size imaginable! There are several really simple and easy to use models, but then there are also bigger and way more complex guns that come equipped with all sorts of cool accessories and high tech gadgets, which have been clearly designed and built with teenagers, adults and ‘Nerf Wars’ veterans in mind (yup, an actual game)! Another unique note about Nerf guns is their special design!

They come in bright and vibrant colors which make them look more like something out of a ‘Doctor Who’ episode or a science fiction film, rather than real life fire arms and guns!

This is really important, because according to many child psychologists, toy guns that look real can have very negative effects on children playing with them, especially if they are really young!

The most important reason for the massive popularity of those cool Nerf guns however, is the fact that they are completely safe and harmless for the children of all ages playing with them! All Nerf guns have been specially designed to fire soft darts, discs or balls that have been made using the patented Nerf foam, which is an extremely soft and completely harmless!

In other words, you can be sure that all the Nerf Wars your kid will participate in, will end with no one getting hurt or injured! An award-winning toy brand, Nerf is created by Parker Brothers and currently owned by Hasbro.” said, Dimitris, owner


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